‘Mom’ leaves two tots to die in hot car in Texas heat

Police say a Kerr County, Texas, woman intentionally left her two young children in a hot car for over 15 hours. They both passed away on Thursday.

KSAT 12 reports that Brynn Hawkins, 1, and Addyson Overgard-Eddy, 2, died Thursday evening at University Hospital in San Antonio, of heat stroke, after their mother, 19-year-old Amanda Hawkins, reportedly left them inside a locked car intentionally.

According to Kerr County Sheriff Hierholzer, both children were locked in the car overnight and left there throughout the next morning, when temperatures in South Texas soared to 92 degrees outside. Reportedly, Hawkins ignored the children crying while she partied with a 16-year-old a male friend throughout the night. The friend allegedly went to the car to sleep for a while, ignoring the two little girls in the back seat.

At around noon on Wednesday, Hawkins went to retrieve her children, but when she found them both unconscious, she decided against getting them medical help for fear of “getting in trouble” with the police. When the children were still gravely ill on Thursday, Hawkins took them to a local hospital at the insistence of her teen friend.

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At first, Hawkins claimed the girls were at Flat Rock Park when both fainted from the outdoor heat. Eventually, however, authorities determined the true story. Had Hawkins taken the girls in for medical treatment on Wednesday, they may have made it.

Hawkins originally faced charges of abandoning and endangering, but the charges will likely be upgraded given the girls’ deaths.

Miriam Davis, who knew the girls and Hawkins, told KSAT 12 that she stopped hanging out with Hawkins after the “mom” started neglecting her children. Davis now regrets not getting involved sooner and asking Children’s Protective Services (CPS).

“Addy was so helpful. She would like to go get you things and bring ‘em to you. Brynn was just learning how to walk and she was toddling all over the place……I guess I just hesitated for so long. I didn’t want her kids to be in the system, but I didn’t know they would die if they didn’t.”

[Feature Photo: Facebook/Handout]