Severed head found on doorstep as charred human body, headless, discovered by CHILDREN playing nearby

Mississippi police are investigating two separate crime scenes, as a severed head and a burned, decapitated body were found nearly a mile from one another.

The head was found on the porch of a home, early Saturday morning, near the capital city of Jackson. Police Commander Tyree Jones told CNN that the head appeared to have been cut at the neck.

Hours later, some children were playing in the woods when they came across a burned, headless body, according to Jones.

Police are waiting for a coroner’s report to ascertain whether or not the decapitated head belongs to the severely burned body, and to officially confirm the cause of death.

“Due to the type of crime and the proximity of the body parts, we can assume perhaps this is the remains that were attached to the head,” Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance said.

“It will take a medical examiner doing a formal autopsy to reveal that information.”

Police did not reveal a definitive motive in the ruthless decapitation, but Vance does suspect the murder was committed in order to relay a message of some kind.

“Whoever committed this crime, rage was an ingredient, perhaps some type of message sending,” he told a reporter from WLBT.

He also said it was one of the most extreme crimes he had ever witnessed, noting he had “never seen anything to occur where a head has been torn or cut from a body.”

Police have not revealed if the homeowners, whose porch received the decapitated head, recognized the victim. Due to the abnormal nature of the crime, and the state of the body, the deceased has yet to be identified.