Bachelor in Paradise

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ filming shut down after contestant was reportedly ‘so drunk’ she couldn’t consent to sexual advances

The show’s producer reportedly plans to sue the production company for misconduct

Filming on the set of Bachelor in Paradise has been suspended after allegations of sexual misconduct were made, according to a report by TMZ.

A field producer who filed a complaint about two contestants getting overly sexual in the pool believes that the woman may have been sexually assaulted.

The allegations are that contestant Corrine Olympios became too drunk to know what she was doing with contestant DeMario Jackson, but the producers let the cameras continue to roll.

TMZ reports that the two were told that they would be hooking up at some point over the course of the show.

According to Jackson, on Sunday, the first day of filming, he and Olympios were at the bar, drinking and making out. She suggested that the two take it to the pool where they took their clothes off and began engaging in heavy sexual conduct, but there was no intercourse.

Jackson said that he and Olympios got on well the next day. On Tuesday though, the two contestants were called into the Executive Producer’s office where they were told that what happened in the pool made one of the producers “uncomfortable.” Jackson and Olympios were released from filming for an initial investigation. Two days later, when Warner Bros. launched a full-blown investigation into the allegations, the rest of the contestants were released as well.

The studio made a statement saying that an investigation is underway, and that action will be taken if necessary, reports the New York Post.

“We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.”

Amy Kaufmaun tweeted that a source told her that the producer who filed the complaint about Olympios and Jackson is suing the production for misconduct.

She also said that her source claims that the two were shown the footage from their rendezvous in the pool.

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