Little boy saved from ‘dry drowning’ death thanks to grieving dad who shared his story

A Colorado father was able to spot the deadly symptoms of “dry drowning” in his son before it was too late — thanks to a dad who lost his son to the tragically hard-to-diagnose condition earlier this month.

As Crime Online previously reported, little Frankie Delgado died several days following a family swimming outing in Texas. His parents believed his symptoms were due to a stomach bug or flu until one day he suddenly stopped breathing.

And it was too late: His dad called 911 right away, but doctors couldn’t save Frankie.

The medical team found that the four-year-old had died of “dry drowning,” a condition in which water settles in and around the heart and lungs. It can strike several days after swallowing even small quantities of water.

Despite his grief, Frankie’s father Francisco Delgado, Jr., spoke to multiple news outlets about the sudden tragedy, hoping to warn other parents who, like him, might not have recognized the symptoms.

According to Fox News, Garon Vega’s two-year-old son Gio complained that his head hurt and developed a fever last week after going swimming. His dad told the news station that Gio swallowed a little bit of water during his swim.

Mr. Vega Googled his son’s symptoms, and his search results included a news story about Frankie Delgado.

Concerned his son might be suffering from the same condition, he took the little boy to the hospital, where doctors found fluid in his lungs.

Gio was successfully treated and is expected to recover. And his dad credits Frankie’s father for helping to save his son’s life.

“If we had waited the night, he probably wouldn’t have made it,” Vega told the news station.


Feature photo: 9 News screenshot