Sole survivor of gruesome grocery store shooting says the killer ‘spared’ her..but why?

The survivor of the grisly and shocking Pennsylvania grocery store shooting that claimed the lives of three employees on June 7, said that the shooter decided to spare her life after the two locked eyes with each other. It’s still unclear why the suspect decided to let her go before continuing with his shooting rampage.

According to a Pennsylvania State Police search warrant, Kristan Newell was busy labeling products inside the Weis supermarket in Eaton Township while Randy Stair crept into the store and opened fire, killing three of his co-workers. Newell was wearing headphones while working and didn’t hear the commotion. She didn’t realize what was going on until she turned around at the exact moment Stair shot one of the victims, Victoria Brong.

Newell told authorities that Stair then spotted her and locked eyes with her, but for reasons unknown, decided against shooting her. As the suspect walked away, Newell ran and hid in an aisle close to a register and waited for the nightmare to end. When she heard more gunshots, she managed a way to escape and called the police.

Stair shot himself in the head and was dead before police arrived at the store. Later, authorities uncovered videos in which he praised the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. While searching his home, where Stair lived with his parents, detectives found shooting goggles, seven boxes of ammunition, a shotgun owner’s manual, earplugs, and two notebooks filled with hateful and racist rants apparently written by the suspect.

The victims of the shooting include Brian Hayes, 47, of Springville; Terry Sterling, 63, of South Montrose; and Victoria Brong, 26, of Factoryville.

Stair’s father released a statement after the shootings, offering condolences to those affected by his son’s actions.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We are so sorry for all the pain and loss of life this has caused everyone involved.”

The investigation is still ongoing. Check back with Crime Online as additional details become available.

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