Suspect arrested after infant ruthlessly beaten and murdered in ‘worst case of child abuse’ police have ever seen

A Wisconsin man has been arrested for killing his girlfriend’s 16-month-old daughter and police are calling it the ‘worst case of child abuse’ they have ever seen.

Juan J. Maravilla, 30, was charged with first degree reckless homicide and child abuse, after the dead little girl was taken to the hospital by her mother.

Hospital staff ordered an autopsy immediately. The results were terrifying, according to WBAY.

“An autopsy in this case revealed that the baby had multiple injuries, repeated injuries over an extended period of time,” noted Captain Kevin Warych, of the Green Bay Police Department. “And in speaking with investigators, we believe this is possibly the worst case of child abuse that we’ve ever seen.”

Investigators have reported that Maravilla is not the unidentified girl’s father, but does have a newborn child with the victim’s mother, according to PEOPLE.

Police became suspicious of Maravilla when he made some remarks that, reportedly, implicated him in the killing. The nature of these remarks is not known.

Warych confirmed the severe amount of child abuse at play in this case, and even suggested that the severity of the crime made it difficult to investigate.

“The amount of bruising and signs of trauma were extreme,” he said. “This is hard to investigate. It weighs on you heavily. Anytime you look at a child you see your own.”

“In an incident of this severity, it affects everybody,” he continued.

Maravilla remains behind bars, jail records state. It is unclear as to whether or not he has obtained a lawyer or entered a plea.

[Featured Image: Brown County Jail.]