‘We actually tied up two officers on this’: Angry customer calls 911 after McDonald’s took too long to cook her chicken nuggets

A Texas woman became irate while at the drive-thru of a Waco McDonald’s on Friday night. They weren’t making her order fast enough, which consisted of Chicken McNuggets, so she called 911 for help.

Officers responded to the call but, according to KWXT, they were already on their way, as McDonald’s staff had also called 911, about the customer in question.

They called because she was refusing to move her car and cutting off several vehicles behind her, thus blocking the entire drive-thru lane. Despite this, when officers arrived at the restaurant, she demanded that the nuggets be given to her for free.

Sergeant Patrick Swanton, a spokesman for the Waco Police Department, took to Facebook to detail the incident.

“We actually had the chicken nugget call last night! Officers called to a restaurant drive-through because a customer was mad her nuggets didn’t get cooked quick enough and why she couldn’t get them for free,” he wrote.“Yes we went on this call. No … she did not get them for free. Yes we actually tied up two officers on this call.”

Yes it happens!! We actually had the chicken nugget call last night! Officers called to a restaurant drive-thru because…

Posted by Waco Police Department on Saturday, June 10, 2017

McDonald’s management returned the woman’s money and, according to PEOPLE, she did not end up getting to eat any chicken nuggets.

There was no arrest made, despite the woman tying up valuable police resources. Her identity has also been withheld from the public.

Swanton shrugged off the episode, saying “Waco PD, where life is never normal.”

He also gave credit to the restaurant’s employees, saying that they handled it “the right way.”

[Featured Image: Wikimedia]