‘The Young and the Restless’ actor Corey Sligh formally indicted on child molestation charges

Soap opera acrtor Corey Sligh was formally indicted on two counts of child molestation on Monday. He faces federal charges, which can land him behind bars for years if convicted.

TMZ reports that the charges against the former The Young And the Restless star stem from two incidents last year, in two different states. An 8-year-old family member alleged that Sligh touched her inappropriately when they were in Florida, and then again while they were in Georgia.

According to the arrest affidavit, Sligh allegedly made the 8-year-old girl “touch his penis with her hand and himself touch her … with intent to arouse, satisfy the sexual desires of the accused.” Sligh denies the accusations.

“During the interview Corey stated his penis was ‘grabbed’ by [redacted] but he was not trying to ‘get off’ or do anything sexual,” reads the affidavit. Sligh did, however, confirm the dates that both incidents took place. He was arrested and given a $22,000 bond in October 2016, and then again in November 2016. He made bail but has since worn an ankle monitor while awaiting trial.

Federal charges for child molestation charges are relatively rare. However, since the alleged incidents took place in more than one state, Sligh’s charges are now federal offenses.

Sligh was an extra on the popular, long-running daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless, in 2014. He also appeared in the television show, All About Lizzie.

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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]