Police: Employee steals nearly $100k in city funds to get a Brazilian butt lift

Stealing money for almost two years, a city employee supposedly used the funds to finance a Brazilian butt lift and other items.

The Gainesville Sun reported that Natwaina Clark, 33, allegedly made 177 fraudulent purchases—totaling more than $93,000—which included cosmetic surgery, Paypal, and SunPass (an electric toll collection system in Florida)—using city-issued credit cards. The purchases were made between November 2015 and March 2017.

Documents obtained by The Sun revealed that the ex-city staff specialist moved $41,000 to her PayPal account connected to her bank account. Approximately $8,500 of the large sum went to get a butt lift. PayPal transactions were labeled “storage bins,” “decor,” and “holiday banners.”

Clark also allegedly paid $2,413 to Cox Communications, spent $1,011 at CVS, $739 in mostly food at Sam’s Club, and put $680 in her personal SunPass account.

City auditor Carlos Holt determined that parks, recreation, and cultural affairs department heads were negligent in allowing Clark to use their cards. Holt also found that higher-ups hadn’t reviewed expense reports for more than a year.

Human resources (HR) is also under fire for the huge oversight. Holt criticized HR for failing to properly screen the suspect and inform employees of the 33-year-old’s criminal record. Clark was arrested on similar charges in Leon County and had an outstanding warrant in Orange County prior to her hiring.

While working at Hughes Supply’s HR department, Clark obtained employees’ banking and personal information and sold it to third-party companies, according to documents obtained by The Sun. She pleaded guilty to seven felony charges and was sentenced to probation.

The city specialist, who made $33,500 annually, told co-workers that her boyfriend financed her lavish lifestyle. She was fired on March 21 while on vacation.

Clark was arrested on March 28 and charged with larceny and scheme to defraud—both felonies. The report was presented to the City Commission on Thursday.

[Featured Image: Alachua County Jail]