Frat brothers get NO jail time after UConn student gets hit, killed by fire truck following alcohol-filled frat party

Six men accused of contributing to the 2016 death of a University of Connecticut (UConn) student avoided jail time in her untimely death. Rockville Superior Court Judge Carl E Taylor gave the defendants probation instead. The Connecticut State Police announced the students’ charges and punishment on Saturday night.

Mass Live reports that the six UConn students were charged with with alcohol-related offenses in connection with the death of 19-year-old  Jeffny Pally. None of the six student will have to serve jail time, but instead, they received a “special form of probation” that will allow to complete a rehabilitation program and have their records wiped clean of the alcohol offenses.

Pally was attending an off-campus party thrown by students from the Kappa Sigma fraternity on October 15, 2016, where she drank alcohol underage, provided by the frat brothers. Later, she walked away from the party inebriated and passed out in front of the campus school’s fire station door.

[Photo: Police Handout]
While passed out, the fire station’s Chevy Tahoe emerged from the bay door Pally was leaning against. It ran her over, causing fatal injuries. The firefighter driving the vehicle was not charged after detectives determine he had no way of seeing Pally from his angle of view.

Prosecutors alleged that the six members of the fraternity on trial all contributed in some form to Pally’s death. Patrick Callahan, 21, Matthew Moll, 21, Jonathan Polansky, 22, and Dylan Morose, 22, were originally charged with eight counts of “permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol.” Austin Custodio, 21, was accused of delivering alcohol to minors. Dominic Godi, 21, was accused of “conspiracy to commit sale or delivery of alcohol to minor.”

Each of the six students will undergo an accelerated rehabilitation in which they’ll perform community service and donate to charity for two years.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]