Police: Gruesome killing leaves five people dead after man with ‘blank stare’ shoots family and two strangers ‘for fun’

A man accused of killing his stepfather, step-brother, mother, and two strangers in a New Mexico shooting massacre, apparently told family members his plan was to kill people for fun.

ABC News reports that Damian Herrera, 21, reportedly shot his stepfather on June 15, which may have started over an argument about a pickup truck. His stepbrother heard the shots and when he tried to intervene, Herrera shot him in the neck, killing him. Herrera’s mother, who was outside when the incident occurred, pleaded for the suspect to have mercy,  but he reportedly shot her in the head. The incident took place around in a rural area of La Madera, close to tourist attractions.

New Mexico authorities stated that after Herrera shot his mom and stepdad, he fled in his stepfather’s vehicle, and later stole a truck and killed the driver. Shortly after, he shot and killed a bystander who happened to be in Bode’s General Store in Abiquiu.

Police caught up to Herrera as he was driving down U.S. 84/285. They gave chase for around five hours until Herrera crashed the stolen vehicle into a tree. Herrera didn’t give up easily. He struggled with a deputy briefly, resulting in injuries. When he was finally detained, authorities took him to a local hospital for evaluation.

Other family members who witnessed the shootings told police that Herrera was calm with a blank stare, and didn’t seem bothered at all by his actions. According to the complaint, it was “as if he knew exactly what he was doing.”

The victims include Herrera’s mother, Maria Rosita Gallegos, 49; stepfather, Max Trujillo Sr., 55; and step-brother, Brendan Herrera, 20. Michael Kyte, 61, was killed after Herrera stole his truck and Manuel Serrano, 59, was killed at the general store.

When police arrived to Herrera’s family’s home, they found Gallegos still alive, gasping for air. She later died.

Herrera had no previous criminal record, aside from minor traffic infractions.

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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]