Police: Evil stepmom locks little boy in dog kennel, beats him, forces him to drink his own urine for ‘using bathroom on himself’

A Texas couple is behind bars on felony child abuse-related charges after authorities said they locked their 4-year-old son in a kennel, forced him to drink his own urine, deprived him of water, and beat him.

Dallas News reports that Matthew McMahon, 29, and Randa Askew Faust McMahon, 36, both of Shelbyville, are currently being held in the Shelby County Jail, on $200,000 each. As of Monday, they were both still in jail.

According to the arrest affidavit, witnesses told authorities that Randa McMahon, the child’s stepmother, made the little boy drink his own urine as punishment for not eating his meals and for urinating in his pants. Randa McMahon’s son, a teenager, told investigators that the boy was often “whipped” with a stick until he bled, and when he used the bathroom on himself, he would be deprived of water for several days.

The teen also said that the boy was forced to stay in a large dog kennel and on one occasion, was forced into an empty cargo trailer with no food or water. Although Randa McMahon doled out most of the punishment, the teen told authorities that Matthew McMahon, the boy’s father, went along with it and supported it.

Detectives also interviewed Randa McMahon’s adult daughter, who confirmed that the teen was telling true accounts of what happened. However, she also said, “this was OK because children could safely go for several days without water.” Further, she claimed the boy would sneak to the refrigerator at night and get himself liquids to drink.

Randa McMahon’s other adult daughter stood up for her mother and reportedly insulted the child by saying he was a “a terrible child, was jealous, and was driving her” and her other sister away from their mother. She also indicated that the child’s grandparents spoiled him, yet investigators determined that he rarely spent time with them.

The boy is now with other family members.

Since Ryan McMahon knew of the abuse and did nothing to stop it, he is criminally liable. Both are charged with first-degree injury to a child.

[Feature Photo: Shelby County Jail]