‘My son who was playing with the toy showed me’: ISIS-themed ‘LEGO’ sets can now be purchased online, feature beheading and worse

Off-brand LEGO toy sets, depicting ISIS fighters, can now be purchased at several online outlets, according to Yahoo News.

The toys, which have been tracked back to a Chinese manufacturer, even depict a gruesome beheading, as reported by Australian outlet 9News.

The sets are branded as “Falcon Commandos” and feature numerous black-clothed figures, resembling ISIS soldiers, and what appears to be the ISIS flag.

One toy set depicts an ISIS soldier, armed with a chainsaw, with a bloodied head at his feet. Another features a masked figure, tossing dynamite, and a catapult that launches crude bombs.

Even creepier, it has been reported that the toy sets are “recommended” for children six and up.

One mother, Mahnun Mat Isa, discovered that her son had purchased the toy sets, much to her horror.

“I ask the authorities to not freely allow the entry of toys that touch on religious sensitivities in this country,” the schoolteacher told reporters. “I came to know about it when my son who was playing with the toy showed me the ‘terrorist’ character holding a banner which displayed the words ‘Allah’ and ‘Muhammad.'”

The LEGO Group has not been silent about the controversy. A spokesperson for the company gave a statement to the International Business Times and affirmed that the toys are indeed counterfeit.

“As a company dedicated to inspire and develop children, we would naturally never make a product like this.”

“We take the necessary steps to ensure that we protect our intellectual rights and even more important consumers. We believe that consumers should never be in doubt when they purchase a genuine LEGO product.”

This isn’t the first time terror-themed toys have been produced. A company called BrickArms, based in America, released an Osama bin Laden action figure, complete with a grenade belt and an AK-47, in 2008.

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