‘HELP ME’: Woman pleads with toll booth worker moments before boyfriend murders her

A woman made a desperate plea to a toll booth worker just moments before she was gunned down by her boyfriend.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Lisa Fisher was sitting in the passenger seat of the car her boyfriend was driving when they passed through a tollbooth on the Chicago Skyway early Wednesday morning.

Clearly aware that she was in great danger, the woman whispered to the toll booth worker as the driver was looking for change: “Help me.”

Before the worker could respond, Fisher jumped out of the car as it was leaving the toll booth window and tried to run away. But the driver, Christopher Pena, chased her with a gun, shooting at her until she fell to the ground. Then he stood over her and continued shooting.

When police confronted Pena and told him to put his hands up, he shot himself in the head, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Both Fisher, 49, and Pena, 30, were pronounced dead.

Fisher’s identical twin sister, Lynda Fisher-Brown, told the Chicago Tribune that Lisa had met Christopher at her second job as a bus driver. She had also worked in fleet services at Chicago’s O’hare Airport for 13 years.

Though her family said Pena had never behaved violently before, Lynda had said Lisa was planning to end the brief relationship, but wasn’t sure if she had told Pena yet. Nonetheless, Lisa packed an overnight bag after Pena picked her up from work and she went to see her family — she lived with her two sons, a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter — before leaving to spending time with him.

Her family does not know what happened after the pair left.

“Whatever happened, happened in the car,” Lynda told the Chicago Tribune. “I know my sister and she would not have gotten in that car if she thought she was in danger.”


Feature photo: CBS Chicago screenshot