Mom jumps off bridge after 8-year-old son drowns in bathtub, he was still wearing socks and underwear

Police say Aushena Warren, 29, of Kansas City jumped off of a bridge after her 8-year-old son drowned in the bathtub, in an unsuccessful bid at suicide, according to FOX4.

Now, Warren has been arrested and charged with abandonment of a corpse.

Coroners conducted an autopsy on 8-year-old Audrick Warren, who died on June 13, that concluded he suffered from a contusion at the top of his skull, and the official cause of death was drowning. This likely occurred after he banged his head on the side of the tub, while still wearing his socks and underwear, according to authorities.

Allegedly, Warren became so distraught upon discovering her son’s body that she left the home and attempted suicide, leaving her other son alone with the body. According to court documents obtained by The Kansas City Star, his sibling went into the bathroom and saw his brother “asleep” in the bathtub full of water, with a “red face and purple hands.”

The court documents continue, stating that the 8-year-old’s brother called his father, telling him that his mother “looked sad” before she left. Police also found a suicide note, of sorts, in which Warren wrote of financial troubles and her fears that her children would be taken away by the state. There was no mention of the drowning.

After fire crews pulled Aushena Warren out of the river, and police discovered the body of her son, she was immediately arrested.

“It should be noted that Warren made no 911 call or no attempt to contact law enforcement or medical personnel in regard to the drowning of the victim,” said a detective involved in the case.

The child’s grandfather, Eddie E.L. Warren, spoke to reporters and placed his faith in a higher power, saying “God will take care of us through this.”

Aushena Warren’s bail is set at $25,000 and she is still in custody. This is an ongoing investigation.

[Featured Image: YouTube/FOX4/screengrab ]