Child rapist pretends to be insane, goes on hunger strike to avoid sentence

A Charlotte, North Carolina, judge has sentenced 30-year-old Chad Stewart to 60 years behind bars, after he was convicted of sexually assaulting two young girls, both under the age of 8, according to Lansing State Journal.

Stewart also took photos and filmed videos of his horrifying acts, as stated by court records. His initial accusation came well over a year ago, but conducting a trial took longer than anticipated.

Why? Because Stewart did everything under the sun in order to avoid being sent to jail.

Authorities have indicated that he tried to fail multiple mental competency exams, passing both times. The 30-year-old was “faking it,” according to Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney Doug Lloyd.

“It’s amazing, how when he spoke to his mother in meetings — during jail visits he was always sane as could be,” Lloyd told Lansing State Journal. “When he thought people were watching him in the jail he’d act crazy. When people weren’t, he was fine and dandy.”

Court records indicate that he was “displaying odd behavior” at a hearing in March. In April, when he was found to be mentally competent, Stewart began slamming his head against the table.

In May, just three weeks before his trial, he went on a hunger strike, according to court records. The court had to appoint his mother as his guardian so they could equip the 30-year-old with a feeding tube.

“We had to act and make sure he was getting the nutritional supplements he needed,” Capt. Robert Jordan, jail administrator for the Eaton County Sheriff’s Department told reporters. “He was directly under physician care.”

The trial itself took less than a day, as the prosecution had access to the incriminating photos and videos Stewart had made of the victims.

“We should not even have had to waste 12 peoples’ time with this case due to the videos and information that we had,” Lloyd said.

“But we have a sentence that will guarantee that the defendant will not have the opportunity to molest children for at least 60 years.”

Stewart’s attorney has not responded to a request for comment.