‘Try Remorse’: Parents of another suicide victim give advice to Michelle Carter after she’s spotted enjoying her freedom

Michelle Carter Guilty Verdict — Spotted at tanning salon after boyfriend’s suicide

The Massachusetts woman convicted of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide was recently spotted enjoying her freedom prior to sentencing, but the parents of another teen who committed suicide feels that the only thing that will help her is a true display of remorse.

The Boston Herald reports that the parents of Phoebe Prince, a high school freshman who took her own life in 2010, said that “genuine ­remorse” is the one thing on Michelle Carter’s side when she appears before a judge for sentencing in August. Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter earlier this month after she encouraged friend and former boyfriend, Conrad Roy, 18, to kill himself in 2014. Carter, now 20, was 17 when the incident occurred.

“It’s all you can hope for — everything else is destroyed,” Anne O’Brien, Prince’s mother, told the Boston Herald. “I think that’s the only justice you can get when you lose a child under such circumstances.”

Meanwhile, reports have surfaced that Carter has been spending time visiting the Tanorama tanning salon in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Although she’s legally free until sentencing, a number of people online commented on her lack of regard for her deceased boyfriend while awaiting her next court date.

Last week, Conrad Roy’s mother, Lynn Roy, told CBS that Carter didn’t have any remorse because she lacks a conscience.

“I don’t believe she has a conscience…..The fact that she would say to him, ‘Your family will get over you.’ How is that even — I will never get over him.”

Conrad Roy died on July 12, 2014, after he locked himself in his truck and breathed in a lethal amount of carbon monoxide.

Carter is expected back in court on August 3 to face sentencing. She faces anywhere from probation to 20 years in prison.

[Feature Photo: AP/Peter Pereira/The New Bedford Standard Times via AP, Pool]