BOMBSHELL! Father accused of killing 5-year-old son wanted revenge on wife over divorce, say police

Authorities believe father killed his son shortly after visiting Disneyland

A South Pasadena, California, man who was arrested on murder charges on Friday in connection with his 5-year-old missing son, reportedly killed the boy to get revenge on his wife after she started divorce proceedings.

Los Angeles Times reports that Aramazd Andressian Sr., 35,  allegedly planned to kill his son, Aramazd Andressian Jr., after his wife, Ana Estevez, filed for divorce, which, according to authorities, has not been an amicable process. In April, the suspect was found unconscious on a bench at Arroyo Park. When later questioned by police, he said that the boy was in his care when he blacked out at the park after taking prescription pills. He said no idea where the child disappeared to.

Authorities carried out a massive two-month search for Andressian Jr., which spanned from Santa Barbara to Orange County. In the meantime, Andressian Sr. relocated from South Pasadena to Nevada. Detectives said he changed his appearance by shaving off his beard and mustache, and cutting his hair. Authorities believe he was in the process of making plans to flee the country when he was arrested on Friday.

Detectives still have not said what evidence they gathered to make an arrest, but they did confirm that the little boy has not been found. In a press conference on Monday, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said that they were confident that enough evidence was gathered to convict Andressian Sr.

“I would not have filed the charge if I was not confident a jury would convict him.”

The little boy’s last confirmed location was at Disneyland in Anaheim. He was seen leaving the amusement park at around 1 a.m. on April 21 with his father. The following day, surveillance footage captured Andressian Sr. at Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County without his son. Authorities think the suspect killed his son shortly after leaving Disneyland.

Estevez thanked detectives and the community for the tireless effort put forth in trying to locate her son, affectionately nicknamed “Piqui.”

“My heart is shattered and I will miss my son immensely each and every second of every day for the rest of my life. Piqui was everything great in my life and I cannot imagine the emptiness and void that I will bear until we are together again someday.”

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]