GUILTY: ‘Cash me ousside’ girl convicted of grand theft auto and numerous other charges

Danielle Bregoli, also known as the “cash me ousside girl,” pleaded guilty to several charges in a South County Courthouse in Delray Beach on Wednesday.

WPTV reports that that charges were from an incident that occurred prior to Bregoli’s 2016 Dr. Phil interview that catapulted her into stardom, seemingly overnight. Before people knew about “cash me ousside,” Bregoli, now 14, stole a car, smoked marijuana, and filed a false police report. She faced numerous other charges but the judge ultimately threw the additional charges out.

Ira Peskowitz, Bregoli’s father, showed up to the court hearing and announced that he was the “only parent” with his daughter’s best interest in mind, an obvious attack against Bregoli’s mother, Barbara Bregoli, who accompanied her daughter to the hearing.

“I am the only parent in this relationship with Danielle that is trying to see the best thing for this child,” Ira Peskowitz said. “To have her be an asset to the community, to understand what love is and to understand what family is about.”

He also said that his daughter’s management team “exploits” her for money and encourages her to do things that are inappropriate for a girl her age.

Peskowitz also thinks that the teen lives in a bad home environment. He’s currently fighting to seek custody of his daughter. She currently lives in California with her mother, where, according Peskowitz, Barbara Bregoli has hired agents and publicists, and signed deals for a reality show.

Barbara and Danielle Bregoli ignored the media as they made their way in and out of the courtroom. Danielle Bregoli was accompanied by bodyguards.

“Cash me ousside” is scheduled back in court next month for sentencing.

[Feature Photo: Instagram]