Molly Bish Update: Family releases powerful video, pleading for killer’s capture

‘Does June 27, 2000, mean anything to you?’

It’s been 17 years since Molly Bish was abducted and killed, yet her killer remains elusive. Her family pleading for information to help get justice for their daughter on the anniversary of her disappearance.

On June 27th, 2000, Molly Bish, a 16-year-old lifeguard, disappeared from her job at Comins Pond in Warren, Massachusetts. It took three years before her remains were found in the woods close to her job. Her killer still hasn’t been found. Regardless of how long it takes, however, her family refuses to give up until the person who took Molly away from them is found.

Mass Live reports that in a new heartfelt, emotional video released on the 17th year of her disappearance, Molly’s mother, Magi Bish, reflected back on the day she learned her daughter was missing, while her sister talked about how life would have been if Molly was with them.

“I remember just continuing to go outside and thinking maybe he’ll drop her off. Whoever took her, whatever is happening, maybe he’ll leave her in my front yard,” Molly’s sister, Heather said.

Molly’s mother, Magi Bish, explained that it was only Molly’s eighth day at her job as a lifeguard. The teen told her she loved her before getting out the car and leaving for work. As Magi drove away, she noticed a white car with a suspicious-looking white man close by. She said she’s not sure if she was looking into the eyes of her daughter’s killer, but she at least thinks the man may have seen something that could help solve the case.

Other people landed on the detectives’ radar as possible persons of interest, but so far, none of them turned out to be a suspect.

Earlier this month, Molly’s family searched a nearby campground with a radar, hoping to find any clue that would help them solve her murder. So far, the results of the search have not come back yet, according to Mass Live.

If anyone has any information regarding Molly, contact authorities immediately.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]