Why is she not in jail? Police say mother of ‘affluenza teen’ was caught with a gun just days after she was caught drinking

Prosecutors say that Tonya Couch, mother of the infamous “affluenza teen,” Ethan Couch, was found in possession of a gun, just days after she was also found drinking alcohol. Prosecutors filed a motion in Tarrant County, Texas, to revoke her bond and place her behind bars until trial.

The Star-Telegram reports that prosecutors filed an amended motion on Tuesday, as a follow-up to a previous motion filed last week when they found her in possession of alcohol. The amended motion claims that Tonya Couch was found with a gun on June 24.

Tonya Couch is currently awaiting trial for charges of “money laundering and hindering the apprehension of a felon.” She was granted bond, but part of the conditions the judge set forth included refraining from alcohol and weapons. No specific details were given on how prosecutors determined she had a gun in her possession.

In December 2015, Ethan Couch, who was on probation for killing four people and injuring numerous others during a 2013 drunk driving accident, was reportedly caught on video playing beer pong with friends, a direct violation of his probation conditions. The “affluenza teen,” along with his mother, fled the country to Mexico, allegedly to keep Ethan Couch from being arrested for probation violation. Tonya Couch is accused of taking $30,000 from a bank account before fleeing.

Mom and son were captured in Mexico a few weeks laters and extradited back to Tarrant County, Texas. Tonya Couch’s trial starts on October 2.

It’s still unclear whether the motion will be granted.  A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday. Check back with Crime Online as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Tarrant County Jail]