Dad and teen son choke and shoot kidnapper FIVE times

A kidnapper who forced a father and his son to a Dekalb, Georgia, bank at gunpoint is dead after the victims took matters into their own hands.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Roy Farrell, 39, and his son, 16, were confronted by a man at The Oaks at Stonecrest Apartment Homes off of Evans Mill Road on early Wednesday morning. The man first spotted the son and asked him if he had any marijuana. When the teen said he didn’t have any, the suspect told him to ask his dad for a cigarette.

According to Lt. Shane Stanfield, the teen complied and while Farrell went inside his apartment to get a cigarette, the suspect aimed a gun at the boy’s head and demanded him to keep quiet. When Farell returned, the suspect demanded his wallet. Farrell told him where he banked and the suspect forced both father and son into their truck and made them drive to the Sun Trust bank off of I-20 at Panola Road.

Farrell parked his truck into a parking spot at the bank, but when the suspect sat the gun down by his side, Farrell quickly grabbed it and told his son to start choking the suspect. While boy choked the suspect, Farrell shot the kidnapper five times, causing fatal injuries.

A witness who saw gunfire coming from the car ran to a local Burger King for help. Police were called at 2:15 a.m. After investigating the incident, they determined that the shooting was justifiable and charges most likely will not be filed against father and son.

The suspect’s identity has not yet been released. However, Stanfield said he was a black male that appeared to be in his mid-20s.

[Feature Photo: Google Maps/March 2017]