‘Doesn’t surprise me’: Ex-wife of Idaho murder suspect speaks out [EXCLUSIVE]

Current wife reportedly made surprise visit to new home to find husband with girlfriend

The man wanted in connection of three females’ deaths in Idaho was apparently living with his girlfriend in a newly-bought home when his wife popped in for a surprise visit; a visit that turned deadly.

Daily Mail reports that Cheryl Baker, wife of Michael Bullinger, was living in Ogden, Utah, trying to sell their family home before joining her husband at their newly-purchased home in Caldwell, Idaho. She decided to drive to the new home a week earlier than expected to surprise him.

Allegedly, Bullinger told his wife he was living alone in a small trailer while he prepared the new home for move-in. Yet, he apparently had his new girlfriend, Nadja Medley, and her 14-year-old daughter, Payton, living in the Idaho home with him, unbeknownst to Cheryl.

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Posted by Nadja Medley on Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Byron Baker, Cheryl’s brother, said that Cheryl confirmed her plans to a friend before she left for Idaho.

“The friend said Cheryl decided to surprise Mike and drop in on him at the farm. She was supposed to stay behind and sell their house while Mike did plumbing work, minor repairs and painted some rooms, but having left her job at the school she must have thought it would be a nice surprise to go to see him.”

This is where things get murky. Cheryl, Nadja, and Payton were all found dead with single gunshot wounds to the head. The killer placed them all in a shed at the Idaho property before fleeing. Michael Bullinger has not been seen since. Friends of Nadja report that they had no idea that Bullinger was married, while friends and family of Cheryl report they had no idea Bullinger had a girlfriend.

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Posted by Nadja Medley on Saturday, June 3, 2017

“The closest theory I can come up with is he wanted Cheryl to sell the house in Ogden, which was in her name, so he could cash in on the money before leaving her for his mistress. But that’s just a guess. But why organize for both women to come to the new house in Idaho?” Byron Baker told DM.

Meanwhile, Crime Online spoke exclusively with Bullinger’s first wife, who wishes to remain anonymous. Bullinger was married to his first wife until 1988. During that time they had children together, but his former wife doesn’t feel like he was the greatest father. She also said that Bullinger has always had problems with cheating and being honest.

“I don’t know if he murdered anyone. I have to say, though, that he was never a very honest man when I knew him. So, if he had a girlfriend on the side and neither the girlfriend nor the wife knew about each other, that doesn’t surprise me. He wasn’t a good husband to me, nor a good father to our sons, in my opinion.”

She also said that since Bullinger could be a fun and good-natured guy at times, friends may have had difficulties believing how deceiving he actually was.

“He was fun, at times, and generally easy-going, but not always. I think others had a hard time believing—or wanting to believe—that he was as dishonest as he was.”

The ex-wife has not seen Bullinger since 2009 and has no clue where he may be. She didn’t indicate that he’d ever been violent to her in the past.

There’s still a nationwide manhunt for Bullinger. He was last in Ogden, Utah, around two and a half weeks ago, driving a white 2007 Ford Focus, with license plate 129 UMP. He stands 6 feet tall and weighs around 240 pounds, with gray hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with any information should call 911 immediately. Bullinger is considered armed and dangerous.

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