Man accused of killing his own little boy is being returned to LA after police found him in Vegas with completely different appearance

A South Pasadena, California, man who’s accused of killing his 5-year-old son is scheduled to be returned to Los Angeles County from Las Vegas, where he was arrested last week on murder charges.

Aramazd Andressian Sr., 35, was located and place into custody in Las Vegas after authorities gathered enough evidence to obtain a warrant for his arrest. Authorities said the suspect was in Las Vegas “socializing” while law enforcement, search teams, and volunteers looked for his missing 5-year-old son, Aramazd Andressian Jr. in California.

On Tuesday, Andressian Sr. appeared at an initial hearing in a Nevada courtroom, where news cameras caught him snickering and laughing, which shocked many who thought it was inappropriate given the charges he’s facing. Authorities are accusing him of killing his son at some point after 1 a.m. on April 21, after surveillance cameras captured dad and son leaving Disneyland in Anaheim.

So far, the little boy’s body has not been found. Detective haven’t said what kind of evidence they obtained that led them to obtain a search warrant against Andressian Sr. On Monday, however, a L.A. County sheriff’s homicide lieutenant said that the suspect planned the boy’s murder in advance to get revenge on his wife who started divorce proceedings against him.

Aramazd Andressian Jr. has been missing since April, after police found his father passed out on a park bench at Arroyo Park in South Pasadena. The suspect said he took pills that must have made him black out. He claimed that his son was with him at the park but he had no clue where he disappeared to.

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L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said that Aramazd Andressian Sr. was considered a flight risk. When found in Las Vegas, he had a different appearance than a few months prior. He cut his hair and shaved off his beard and mustache. His bail was set at $10 million.

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[Feature Photo: Family Handout]