Pregnant aspiring YouTube star could face stiff prison sentence for shooting boyfriend to death during ‘prank’

A Minnesota teen, pregnant with her second child, has been charged with manslaughter for accidentally shooting her boyfriend to death in a YouTube stunt gone horribly wrong.

As Crime Online previously reported, Monalisa Perez accidentally shot and killed her boyfriend of five years on Monday, while filming a video for the couple’s YouTube channel.

Pedro Ruiz, 22, reportedly convinced his girlfriend to film a video in which he would block a bullet by holding a book up to his chest. Ruiz had apparently experimented with shooting a bullet into a different book, and the bullet did not go through.

But when Perez shot at him for the video stunt, it penetrated his chest, and Ruiz was soon pronounced dead.

The daredevil couple had previously engaged in risky behavior in videos created for their YouTube channel — like walking on the edge of a bridge, and hiking down a steep incline (while Monalisa was visibly pregnant) — but this stunt was far more dramatic, and the couple may have been counting on it to launch them to internet fame.

Prior to shooting at her boyfriend, Perez warned of the upcoming stunt on Twitter:

According to the Monterey Herald, Perez has been charged with second-degree manslaughter, which carries a prison sentence of up to ten years. The 19-year-old stay-at-home mother is currently free on $7,000 bail.

The couple also has a three-year-old daughter together, who is believed to have been home at the time of the tragedy.


Feature photo: YouTube screenshot