UNCHECKED GREED: Husband kept his dead wife’s body in the FREEZER for 8 whole years just to collect her social security checks

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has confirmed that an elderly Florida man kept his dead wife in the freezer for 8 entire years, in order to collect her social security checks, according to a report by KRON.

Allan Dunn lived together with his wife, Margaret Dunn, in the small community of Sun City until 2002, when Margaret passed away at their home. Instead of informing authorities, or the hospital, he stuffed her dead body into their freezer. She stayed there, for 8 years, as he racked up her social security checks. All told, Allan managed to steal $92,088 from the Social Security Administration, according to ABC6.

Florida officials didn’t even learn about Allan’s scheme until he passed away himself, in 2010. His wife’s body was discovered in the freezer by local police, which put Allan and Margaret Dunn’s family on the hook for some of that $92,088.

Even stranger? His family had no idea what their father had done to their mother’s body. After Allan died, they agreed to waive the right to inherit his condo and, instead, allowed the government to sell it off to recoup some of the money that the elder Dunn had stolen from the government.

According to the United States Attorney’s Office, the government was only able to collect $15,743.14 after the sale of Dunn’s condo. This is due to back taxes, sales costs and amounts owed to the condominium association. The condo was also Allan Dunn’s sole possession at the time of his death. As such, the rest of the balance will have to remain unpaid.

[Featured Image: Flickr]