Cold case solved? Felon confesses to 1989 murders of elderly couple: Police

Authorities in North Carolina confirmed that they made an arrest in connection with the murders of an elderly couple that occurred almost 30 years ago.

On Wednesday, the Asheville Police Department said that Eric Robert Begley, 42, was arrested and charged with murdering Cleve McMahan, 79, and Allene McMahan, 75. The couple was found dead inside their home off of Rockhill Place in Asheville, on December 11, 1989.

Begley, also known as “Deuce,” was just 14 when he allegedly killed the couple. Authorities said that Begley didn’t act alone, but so far, he’s the only person charged in connection with the deaths. During a recent interview, cold case detectives Kevin Taylor and Steve Coon obtained enough information to arrest and charge Begley.

According to Sgt. Charles Wells of the Asheville Police Department, Begley was arrested in Indiana. He’s scheduled for extradition back to North Carolina to face charges. The suspect recently completed 20 years in prison for a crime committed in Indiana, and shortly after his release, was arrested on drug charges.

Wells told FOX Carolina that Begley requested to speak with authorities in North Carolina shortly after being detained for drug offenses.

“Mr. Begley actually did 20 years, I believe, in Indiana for charges that occurred out there. He recently got out of jail and was re-arrested for a minor drug charge and requested to speak to us, so we went up to interview him while he was in Indiana.”

According to Crime Stoppers, Begley had an active warrant out for his arrest in May after he violated his parole conditions.

Anyone with any information on the murders is urged to call Asheville Police at (828) 252-1110 or Crime Stoppers at (828) 255-5050.

[Feature Photo: Police Handout]