Police: Deaf, autistic teen who dresses as superhero gets beaten by random stranger who ‘wanted to fight Superman’

An autistic Florida teen loves to dress as a superhero and wave to people passing by, but one grumpy passerby decided to attack him on Thursday without provocation, according to police.

ABC9 reports that Rae Pitt, 19, a deaf and autistic teenager, wears a Superman outfit daily, which gained him the nickname “Minneola Superhero” in his hometown of Minneola, Florida, after he gained recognition for “protecting the city” by routinely waving and smiling at cars passing by on corner of Washington St. and US 27, among other locations in the city.

Lake County deputies said that Tyler McCorvey, 26, spotted Pitt and decided to “beat him up.” McCorvey told officers that he simply wanted to “fight Superman” and didn’t hurt the teen, but according to witnesses, he punched Pitt the chest and smashed his head onto the concrete. One of the witnesses stepped in stopped McCorvey.

Another witness, Terra Brady, told police that McCorvey approached Pitt and pretended to be deaf before he snatched the teen’s cape off. Afterwards, McCorvey started running down the street, but deputies caught him and detained him.

Introducing Clermont's very own superhero! Rae is spotted at several locations throughout the city of Minneola showing off his awesome superhero moves or waving at vehicles as they pass on through. If you see this hometown superhero make sure you give him a thumbs up or a nice big wave! (Click HD)

Posted by Austin Flowers on Friday, April 7, 2017


“I saw the man engaging in the same body movements and behaviors that Rae does,” said Brady.

McCovey was arrested and charged with aggravated abuse of a disabled adult and two counts of battery.

Meanwhile, Pitt recovered and was back at it the following day, waving and smiling at cars passing by.

[Feature Photo: Lake County PD]