‘He looked f*****g dead’: Prosecutor reveals Penn State frat brothers’ texts during deadly Timothy Piazza hazing

‘I don’t want to go to jail for this’

Former Penn State fraternity brothers who’re facing charges in connection with a pledge’s death reportedly texted each other while drunk and admitted that they knew that pledge Timothy Piazza was in dire condition.

ABC News reports that at the preliminary hearing on Monday, prosecutors revealed a series of reported texts and Internet searches that members of the Beta Theta Pi  fraternity at Penn State made after Piazza, 19, fell unconscious during a hazing incident.

“He looked f—–g dead,” one of the Beta Theta Pi members’ texts read. “I think we are f—ed.”

“I don’t want to go to jail for this,” another text message read.

“Make sure the pledges keep quiet about last night and this situation,” the text message continued.

“Make sure the pledges clean the basement and get rid of any evidence of alcohol,” the next text message read.

Prosecutors claimed that one of the frat members searched the Internet for, “How would 9 drinks in an hour affect a 200 pound guy?”

Evidence heard in Monday’s preliminary hearing will allow a judge to decide if there is sufficient evidence to go forward with a trial. A total of 18 fraternity brothers are facing charges in connection with Piazza’s death. Some are facing involuntary manslaughter charges, while others are facing less serious charges of supplying alcohol to minors. Others are facing aggravated assault charges and tampering with evidence.

Piazza died on February 4 after a night of drinking and participating in reported humiliating hazing acts at the Beta Theta Pi house. He fell down a flight of basement stairs and never regained consciousness. The frat brothers are accused of waiting more than 12 hours to seek medical help for him.

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[Feature Photo: Family Handout]