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EXCLUSIVE: Missy Bevers’ husband speaks out for first time in over a year

It’s been a little over a year since Texas fitness instructor, Missy Bevers, was murdered inside a Midlothian church. The case made national headlines, and with that, came along national scrutiny against her family and friends, something that her husband, Brandon Bevers, is no stranger to.

Aside from initial interviews given shortly after his wife was found bludgeoned to death inside the Creekside Church of Christ on April 18, 2016, Brandon Bevers has remained mostly quiet about his wife’s murder, silently watching Internet sleuths accuse him and other family members of participating in Missy’s death, something he has always denied.

Missy, a Camp Gladiator fitness instructor, arrived at the Creekside church at a little after 4 a.m. It was a rainy, muggy morning, but the session was to go on regardless. As she walked through the church doors to prepare for the morning’s workout session, the suspect, dressed in a police SWAT uniform, attacked her with a hammer, causing numerous puncture wounds. Authorities later released surveillance footage of the suspect, but today, no arrests have been made. In fact, authorities aren’t quite sure if the killer is a male or female.

Although there are no new developments in the case to speak of, at least as far as he knows, Brandon Bevers opened up to investigative journalist, Alan Duke, and explained what it was like from his perspective, and how he’s trying to deal with not only losing his wife, but also raising three daughters who have also been impacted by the public’s accusations. He’s asking for the public’s prayers during this difficult time, and hopes that he and his children will one day get closure to the tragic mystery surrounding Missy’s death.

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you are correct- as far as I can tell, there are no new developments in the case. I’m on the outside of this with only a peep-hole perspective on things, but my impression is there is nothing of any significance occurring at the moment. We are so far removed from the investigation, they could be within easy reach of this person, and we wouldn’t know. The case was even asked to be presented before a panel of other investigators, and individuals in Austin. Midlothian P.D. obliged, and spent four solid days presenting the case in this rare, and unique opportunity. We are not privy to the outcome of this, but are hopeful it was beneficial to the investigation.

Missy’s family (the Strickland’s) will be reaching out to a local newspaper editor in the next couple of weeks. For the very first time, they will inform the public about their grieving, and struggles surrounding all of this– with this editor only. I have chosen to remain quiet until the Strickland’s have had this opportunity. My credibility in the court of public opinion is pretty much shot at this point, so I prefer the Strickland’s have this opportunity to share their experiences before I ever speak publically again. I think the public would like to hear what they have to say, and rightfully so given their silence. They are a very private, close knit family, and have my upmost respect for remaining quiet up to this point.

Yes, the social media spin on this is about the craziest thing I have ever witnessed. Oddly enough, I have never engaged anyone on any social media platform in an effort to defend myself, or clarify misguided conclusions. There are two very significant things going on here: 1., We all wake up every day hoping, and praying this person will come forward so we may finally have closure- particularly the children. This is REALITY. 2., The social media impact (similar to your example in Georgia) has driven me to the darkest reaches of my soul. For about three months, I was emotionally and spiritually rendered to a point where I could barely function. As much of an impact this had, I consider this a FICTIONAL REALITY.

Posted by Missy Bevers on Monday, December 1, 2014


Sadly, I allowed this to consume me. It hurts me to the core for anyone (even if it was only one person) to say I had anything to do with Missy’s murder. It’s painful to me, my children, and the entire Strickland/Bevers family, and all of this was being presented on a stage for all to see- including the children. One of  my children commented to me during this whole experience, “I would rather this social media stuff aimed at you (Myself) go away, than have mom’s murder solved.” I quickly had to make sure she understood the significance of her statement, but also came to realize how I allowed all of this to impact me, and how this false reality trickled into the lives of my children through no fault of their own.

I have a crazy story to tell surrounding this fictional reality, and how I reached out to a couple of these individuals privately, seeking reconciliation through truth and faith. This effort was achieved, and unfolded in a way which I can only give God credit for. I wish I could go into detail with this, as this has had such a profound reversal of the aforementioned darkness myself, and those involved, were consumed with. Let’s just say that myself, and some of these individuals have grown closer to God through this in an unimaginable way. We have shared some heartfelt discussions of our individual struggles, and I discussed some curiosities addressing speculative notions surrounding the investigation. As a result of this, I have experienced peace for the first time since Missy’s passing, and this has allowed for me to grieve her loss properly without outside interference.

What this investigation requires more than anything, is prayer. We are asking for prayers from every corner of this Nation for this individual to emotionally, and spiritually digest the impact of their actions- not only on this family, but most importantly, these children. What this person did has left collateral damage in the souls of our three children. We are in pain, and will suffer for years to come. My children will have children of their own one day, and will not be able to experience the love and guidance of the grandmother Missy would have been for them. The impact is far reaching on many levels. We are left with many questions here: Is this the first time you have ever murdered? Is this the last time you will ever do this to someone? Are you the only person that knows what you did on April 18th, 2016, or have you shared that with anyone?

If not, are you even still on this earth today? What if you are in a car accident and never survive to set yourself, and this family free from this anguish? We concern ourselves with these questions, and will continue to live in pain every day without Missy’s presence in our lives. Reconcile yourself to God for what you have done. Reconcile yourself to this family and these children. I pray for you not out of hate, or vengeance, but out of love for your soul to be reconciled with everyone that is enduring this, and most importantly, God Himself.

One more thing I would like to add

When unimaginable situations like my wife’s murder occur, the public is genuinely concerned about it, and rightfully so. It was like something out of a horror movie to watch that person walking around in that church on video. Media attention in many cases, can aid in communicating the event, not to mention any particulars that might assist in the apprehension of the perpetrator. Sometimes, individual family members feel compelled to present themselves before the media in an effort to do the same, but we are not reporters, and quite honestly, may not be in the correct emotional mindset to communicate on a level that would satisfy numerous and varying expectations.

In many cases (including our own), as we are waiting for the perpetrator to be caught, speculation and opinions begin to form. As even more time passes, other ingredients are added to the pot, and vigorous stirring begins. Eventually, those of us under scrutiny find themselves under fire. As a result, do you cease talking to the media?- Well, I don’t know. Under fire, you have witnessed firsthand that your initial public responses and subsequent perceptions have turned against you. I witnessed this firsthand.

At one point early in the investigation, I arranged an interview solely for the purpose of making a public plea to the perpetrator on camera to come forward- and that desire was communicated when the arrangements were made with the news outlet. Again, it was the sole basis for me allowing the interview. When the story aired, they did not include the public plea at all. This was upsetting to say the least. So, from this point forward, my trust in the media faltered, and I chose to remain silent. Since then, speculation and accusations became rampant. On the flip side of this, many family members have held their silence from the start. Speculation regarding this approach was scrutinized also.

So, I find myself wondering….Had the entire family remained silent from the beginning, including myself- how do you imagine that approach working out? Remember the blood stained shirt from the dog attack? Do you just sit back and allow something that significant to fester in people’s minds given the nature in which it was initially reported? Silence from my experience, can cause the public to assume we don’t care about seeking justice and resolution.

I honestly believe that regardless the approach, and given the amount of time we have waited for justice to come, people are going to arrive at their own conclusions utilizing the information available at the time, and not to mention, how the information was presented to them from media outlets. Now whether the opinions that form are based in fact, or evolves into something other than fact over time, is something that has been witnessed firsthand. Social media has been an incubator, and perpetuator of many theories. This can be ongoing, for God knows how long. The real facts surrounding the investigation begin to come to light only after the investigators have vetted the requests contained in the search warrants.

And at this point, the facts are held in strict confidence to ensure the integrity of the case.  I’m not sure if there is a right way, or a wrong way to handle what I have experienced. But the most important thing I can communicate today, is praying for this investigation to come to a resolution. This is the most important thing any of us can communicate on any level, and it would be far more powerful if we could all focus our efforts in doing so.

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