Person of interest in disappearance of four missing Bucks County men arrested AGAIN hours after posting bail

A person of interest in the investigation of four young Bucks County men who disappeared in the last week was arrested for a second time on Wednesday, less than a day after he posted $100,000 cash bail for an earlier arrest on firearms charges.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Cosmo DiNardo was arrested after attempting to sell a car belonging to one of the missing young men, Tom Meo. He has been charged with receiving stolen property, though it is not yet known if he personally stole Meo’s 1996 Nissan.

DiNardo is reportedly being held on $5 million cash bail.

The new report also reveals that DiNardo became a person of interest in the investigation after witnesses reportedly saw him with the young men before they disappeared. NBC Philadelphia reports that police have confirmed that all the missing men know each other, and are acquainted with DiNardo. The nature of their relationship with DiNardo is not yet known.

NBC Philadelphia also reports that multiple sources have said DiNardo’s parents have been subpoenaed by a grand jury, though the Bucks County District Attorney declined to answer questions about any whether anyone had been subpoenaed at a press conference Wednesday.

Meo is diabetic, and his insulin kit and glucose meter were reportedly found in his car. His family reportedly said he would be in danger of going into diabetic shock without his medication.



Feature photo: Police handout