‘Help me, I’m being held against my will’: Son allegedly traps amputee dad in pool of own urine, feces, father finds help on Facebook

Police have arrested 25-year-old James Heffelfinger and charged him with neglect and recklessly endangering another person after authorities found his father, Jeff Morrow, living in absolutely squalid conditions, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Morrow, a recent amputee, was being held against his will and forced to lay in a pool of his own urine and feces, authorities have indicated.

His salvation came when he took to Facebook to seek help from anyone, anywhere, who would read his plea.

‘Help me, I’m being held against my will by my son. He’s mistreating me,” his Facebook post read. “I had my leg taken off and I can’t move. I’m sitting here in my own urine, call the cops.”

Morrow also listed his address. The social media gambit worked. It wasn’t long before people forwarded his message to local police, some of these good samaritans living as far away as Scotland.

Investigators responded quickly and were shocked by what they found at the scene, describing the house as one of the worst they had ever seen.

“There was feces everywhere,” chief of New Castle Police Robert Salem explained. “There was fly strips hanging, flies all over him. A lot of dead bugs around. I guess the smell was pretty bad.”

Authorities also alleged that the man was laying in his own waste and the dressing on his amputated leg had not been changed in quite some time. They also said that Morrow had bed sores and was covered in a dirty sheet, laying on a hospital bed in the center of the living room.

Heffelfinger was actually getting paid by an agency to take care of his dad, according to police. There has been no word on if the 25-year-old is still behind bars or if he has obtained legal counsel.

[Featured Image: KDKA/screengrab]