‘Fu**er!’: Father of murdered jogger Karina Vetrano loses it during suspected killer’s court hearing

The dad of slain jogger, Karina Vetrano, couldn’t quite contain himself on Thursday, during a court hearing for the man suspected of killing his daughter.

When Phil Verano, father of Karina Vetrano, saw suspect Chanel Lewis, 20, walk into the Queens State Supreme Court in New York, for a pre-trial hearing, it took everything he had to contain himself.

“F–ker!” Phil Verano hissed under his breath as Chanel walked by.

Afterwards, Verano moved to the edge of a courtroom gallery bench and gave Chanel a somber stare.

Newsday reports that Lewis kept looking backwards and staring at Phil Vetrano and his wife, Cathy Vetrano. Phil said that they stared right back at him, although he didn’t feel Lewis was staring at them maliciously.

“I don’t think it was malicious. He just looked at us. He knows what he did.”

Meanwhile, the suspect’s lawyers stated that they requested a mental exam for Lewis while in court on Thursday. New York Daily News reports that a psychiatrist is scheduled to perform a mental examination on Lewis within the next few weeks, as his lawyers prepare for the next hearing.

Lewis is accused of sneaking up on Karina while she jogged close to the Spring Creek Park, near Howard Beach, in August 2016. Her father, accompanied by police, found her lifeless body hidden in weeds close to her home.

Although Lewis admitted that he choked and killed Verano “in less than five minutes,” his attorneys are trying to determine if the suspect’s statements were obtained legally.

Lewis is expected back in court on September 7.

[Feature Photo: Handout]