Charlie and Ruby

Dog owner faces charges after pit bull brutally mauls two children

The Pennsylvania pit bull owner whose dog mauled two children has been charged, reports Lancaster Online.

Luis Omar Colon-Colon, 42, was charged with recklessly endangering another person, attacks causing severe injury, duty to control dogs at large, duty to have dogs licensed and failure to have dogs vaccinated.

The attack took place on June 19 outside of Margaret Warfel’s home.

Eclipse, the 66-pound pit bull, was left in Colon-Colon’s backyard while he was out running errands. The dog barreled straight to Warfel as she was getting her two children, Charlie, 5, and Ruby, 2, out of the car. Ruby was still strapped in her car seat when the dog began mauling her face.

Warfel, who is pregnant, said on her GoFundMe page that she tried everything she could to pull the animal off her child. When it finally let go, it went for Charlie who was standing behind his mother.

“I was on top of the dog, trying to pry its mouth open with my hands. I received several puncture wounds in the fingers, arm and neck as well as scrapes to my knees and forearms, but my injuries pale in comparison to what my children sustained.”

People in the area heard the family’s screams and came to their aid. Warfel said that one of them had a knife, but wouldn’t use it on the dog saying, “I’m sorry. I just can’t harm an animal,” while watching the 5-year-old be mauled.

When the dog finally let go of Charlie, he cried to his mother, “Mummy that was a really bad dog.”

Warfel put her severely injured children back in the van and called 911. She said she could barely hold the phone up because her hands were so slippery with blood. After talking to the operator, she decided to drive her children to the hospital rather than wait for the ambulance.

After being transferred to Penn State’s Children’s Hospital, the children were queued for surgery. Ruby had to wait nine hours for her brother’s surgery to be completed before her’s could start.

Warfel says that though the initial surgeries are complete, both children have a long way to go. On top of countless surgeries that both will still need to undergo, both children will need counseling, and Charlie’s injuries may prevent him from ever being able to smile again.

Travis Hess, Lancaster County’s dog warden, said Eclipse was voluntarily euthanized June 30 following a 10-day quarantine to determine if it had rabies.

The dog has reportedly attacked before. Colon-Colon’s 4-year-old grandson was bit multiple times in July 2013, the year he got the dog. The child suffered severe injuries and had to undergo surgery at Lancaster General Hospital.

Colon-Colon posted bail at $5,000 after his arraignment Monday afternoon.

[Feature Photo: GoFundMe]