Two small children dead after a couple sets a house on fire to get back at their landlord: Police

A Washington couple is facing arson charges after they allegedly set fire to a two-story home, killing two young children.

The Associated Press reports that Kimberly Marie Hughes, 32, and Jaramy L. Chism, 24, were evicted from their unit in a home in Mount Vernon last week, just a few days before a deadly fire tore through the building on Saturday.

Residents of the home were awoken on Saturday morning at around 2 a.m. to fire coming into the building through the windows. Two of the residents attempted to put out the fire while one of the homeowners reportedly raced to rescue her two small children, a six-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl, from the second floor. The woman attempted to pull the children through a window but fell out of the building in the chaos.

“When she pushed the screen to open it, she fell through the window, falling to the ground from the second story,” read the probably cause statement obtained by the Associated Press. “The children did not make it out.”

The suspects had reportedly threatened to burn the house down after they were evicted.

Chism had worked for one of the homeowners, Bryan Bachofer, but Bachofer recently fired him and the couple was evicted last week.

Bachofer reportedly told police that Hughes, who has a previous arson charge, threatened him the week before the fire.

“I will sue you or burn your house down,” she reportedly said.

In 2014, Hughes was convicted of setting her ex-boyfriend’s clothes on fire in a laundry basket after she learned that he cheated on her.

The Associated Press reports that police apprehended the couple Saturday morning, while they were in a tent in a friend’s backyard. Police reportedly found a gas can in their car.

Hughes and Chism are each being held on $2 million bail. Both have denied the allegations.

Feature photo: KIRO7 video screenshot