MOTHER’S GRIEF: Mom clutches tot son’s hat as she walks beside tiny coffin; dad charged with murder following Disney trip

The funeral for the California 5-year-old boy found dead in a lake was held on Tuesday, bringing in more than 400 people to mourn the loss of little “Piqui.”

On June 30, authorities found the body of little Aramazd Andressian Jr., affectionately known as Piqui, close to Lake Cachuma, located in the in the Santa Ynez Valley of central Santa Barbara County. Authorities charged his father, Aramazd Andressian Sr., in connection with the boy’s death. Andressian Sr. is now behind bars in a Los Angeles County jail with a $1 million bond.

Piqui’s mother, Ana Estevez, walked alongside the pallbearers carrying her son’s tiny white casket. She clutched his favorite hat while tears streamed freely down her face. Estevez later placed the hat on top of his casket during an emotional-filled memorial service for the 5-year-old, before reading a heartfelt letter to him.

“From the time you were an infant, I would tell others you were a magnet. Family, friends and strangers alike couldn’t get enough of you. “There is no denying you were an extraordinary boy.”Your sensitive nature melted many hearts, your analytical and curious mind amazed many, your imagination took us both away on new adventures, your kindness and generosity was unparalleled to any child, and your ability to love unconditionally proved that you truly are God’s child.”

“You could understand what other 5-year-olds could not,” Estevez continued.

Piqui was last seen on April 21 while in the care of his father. Surveillance footage from Disneyland in Anaheim captured dad and son leaving the amusement park at around 1 a.m. A few days later, authorities found Andressian Sr. passed out on a bench at Arroyo Park in South Pasadena, with this son nowhere in sight. Detectives think that Andressian Sr. took prescription pills in an attempt to end his life after killing his own boy.

Authorities said that Piqui was likely killed right after he left Disneyland, but before his father went to Cachuma Lake, where the child’s body was found. It’s unclear how the child died, but authorities indicated that it was a homicide.

After the memorial service ended, pallbearer’s lifted Piqui’s small casket and began singing, “You Are My Sunshine.” A family member placed a teddy bear on the casket before it was driven away.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]