O.J. Simpson caught on hot mic making jokes about President Trump, Mike Tyson just moments before parole board returns their decision

Simpson and his lawyer debunk a story that Simpson’s parole was threatened when he ate a stolen cookie

O.J. Simpson can be heard making small talk with his lawyer just before the parole board came back with their decision to grant him an early release.

In the conversation caught on a hit mic, Simpson appears relaxed and chatty after pleading his case before the parole board at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Las Vegas.

“I’m talking to no one here,” Simpson says, while gesturing his hands in the air. “I’m talking to no one. I’m talking to space.”

The conversation jumps around to Donald Trump’s ice cream preferences, a reference to Mike Tyson’s time in prison, and the stories about Simpson told by Jeffrey Felix, a former prison guard who claimed to be friendly with Simpson.

Referring to stories Felix has told about Simpson involving an alleged stolen cookie that purportedly threatened to derail his parole bid, Simpson laughed and called Felix a “fraud.”

“Who would believe anyone with a mullet like that,” said Simpson’s attorney Malcolm LaVergne, who, incidentally, is completely bald.

Just moments later, the parole board announces their decision. Watch here:

Feature photo: Associated Press