Parents who ‘gifted’ daughter to a pedophile, 52, who impregnated her, get ‘up to’ 7 years in prison

On Wednesday, A Pennsylvania judge sentence a couple to up to seven years in prison after they allowed a 52-year-old man to have sex with their teen daughter and get her pregnant.

The Inquirer Daily News reports that Daniel Stoltzfus (pictured center), 44 and Savilla Stoltzfus (pictured left), 43, faced Bucks County Judge Jeffrey L. Finley to learn their fates after being convicted of one count of child endangerment each in April. The couple not only allowed pedophile Lee Kaplan (pictured right), 52, impregnate their 14-year-old daughter, but they also allowed him to sexually assault their other daughters who became “wives” to him.

“You may have engaged in some odd relationship with Mr. [Lee] Kaplan on some warped theory it may benefit your family,” Finley said to Daniel Stoltzfus. “For whatever sick purpose, whether or not you fell under the power, in a trance-like state, of Kaplan, you knowingly allowed your family, your children, your daughters to move into this person’s home.”

Finley then turned to Savilla Stolzfus and reprimanded her for allowing “your daughters to believe it was appropriate for them to become betrothed at ages 10, 11, 12, 14 to a 40-, 50-year-old man and to crawl into his bed.”

The Quarryville parents allowed Kaplan to sexually assault six of their nine daughters after the couple became entranced with the pedophile. They met Kaplan at an auction around 15 years ago, where he reportedly told them he was a “prophet of God.” The youngest victim said she was around 7 years old the first time Kaplan assaulted her.

The couples’ infatuation with Kaplan made them eventually choose to leave their Amish community in 2003 and move into Kaplan’s Feasterville home. Their departure resulted in an Amish bank revoking their $300,000 business loan. Strapped for cash, they became increasingly dependent on Kaplan. The pedophile assisted the family financially but it came with a great cost that damaged many of the couple’s daughters.

“I observed that God was with him,” Savilla Stoltzfus said in court, in an attempt to explain her actions. She later expressed regret over her decisions.

Although he never apologized, Daniel Stoltzfus also expressed regrets for what transpired, and told the judge he wanted to be “reconnected” with his children.

“I regret having put my children into what they’ve been through this past year, and I wish to reconnect with my children.”

The couple already served a year in jail. Authorities arrested them in July 2016, and their time behind bars will be credited to their sentences.

Meanwhile, according to Lancaster Online, Kaplan was convicted of  “three counts of rape of a child, four counts of statutory sexual assault, seven counts of indecent assault and three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.” Kaplan is scheduled for sentencing on September 20.

The daughters testified against Kaplan during trial, and admitted that although he sexually assaulted them, they still had “affection and love” for him, which according to the National Center for Victims of Crime, is typical of children who are “groomed” by predators.

[Feature Photo: Lower South Hampton PD]