‘You’re going to the sky to see Jesus’: Sole survivor, 9, speaks out after mom slaughters her four kids, husband

Diana Romero, 9, the sole survivor of a horrific tragedy in which her mother stabbed and killed her four siblings and father, remembers her mom telling her she was “going to see Jesus” before lunging a knife at her.

On July 6, Isabel Martinez, 33, allegedly stabbed and killed her four children, Axel, 2, Dillan, 4, Dacota, 7 and Isabela, 10. She’s also accused of stabbing and killing her 33-year-old husband, Martin Romero. The incident took place in the family’s Gwinnett County, Georgia, home.

Isabel attempted to kill Diana, but the little girl survived after being stabbed several times. She is still recovering, but told the Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services (DCFS) exactly what she remembered about the tragic night.

According to a DCFS report, Diana cried as she told caseworkers that she thought almost everyone was asleep when the attack happened The little girl remembered seeing her mother grab a knife from the kitchen before she stabbing and cutting Diana’s siblings. Diana said her father woke from his sleep and tried to help, but her mother stabbed him as well.

Diana recalled that she couldn’t move while the incident took place, likely frozen in fear. After her mom walked towards her with a knife and told her “you’re going to the sky to see Jesus,” Diana began crying and said she didn’t want to see Jesus. Martinez reportedly stabbed Diana several times, despite her child pleading for her life.

The 9-year-old said her mother wasn’t crying or screaming during the attack, and appeared calm. Martinez later called 911 herself and claimed that a friend killed her family. She allegedly smiled as she explained that she tried to get the knife away from the friend, but he cut her on the wrist.

Authorities stated that there was no friend and Martinez carried out the stabbings by herself. She was arrested shortly after phoning the police.

Later, Martinez told a caseworker that she was innocent because if not, she “wouldn’t be this calm about it.” Yet, she also allegedly claimed she felt a “devil-like spirit” shortly before the murders.

Martinez, who reportedly entered the U.S. illegally, faces five counts of murder, an additional five counts of malice murder, and six counts of aggravated assault. She’s behind bars without bail.

Meanwhile, family members said that Diana is still recovering, both emotionally and physically. A relative established a GoFundMe fundraiser to help pay for Diana’s medical expenses, as well as funeral expenses for her siblings and father.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]