‘She will hold a grudge and she will snap’: Friend of evicted tenant accused of killing kids in house fire speaks out

A friend of the woman who’s accused of killing two children and injuring three others in a house fire, recently spoke out and feels that the suspect intentionally started the fire out of revenge.

Homeowner Bryan Bachofer evicted Kimberly Marie Hughes, 32, and Jaramy L. Chism, 24, just a few days prior to his home catching on fire in Mount Vernon, Washington, on July 16. According to court documents, Hughes threatened to burn the house down and allegedly, she made good on her word. Two children, Rose, 8, Xavier, 6, were killed in the arson incident.

Jessica Starr, the children’s mother, was in the home when it caught on fire. She’s now in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Bachofer, identified as Starr’s boyfriend, and two other adults were also in the home and injured. While the other two adults are stable and recovering at home, Bachofer remains in the hospital.

ORIGINAL Story: Two small children dead after a couple sets a house on fire to get back at their landlord: Police

PEOPLE spoke exclusively to a friend Hughes, who indicated the suspect was vengeful and held grudges.

“She will hold a grudge and she will snap,” Meagan Bellus said. “She posted on Facebook something like, ‘How do you get back at people now that you don’t have liability?’ Her last post was, ‘being homeless sucks.’ ”

Although Hughes’ Facebook page is now deleted, Bellus confirmed that she did indeed post the message before she disabled her account.

Kimberly Hughes and Jaramy Chism are being held on suspicion of arson in Mount Vernon, Washington, after the home of…

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Authorities arrested both Chism and Hughes. They’ll face murder and arson charges and even though they have not been formally charged yet, both are being held in lieu of a $2 million bond each.

Court records indicate that Hughes already had an arson charge on her record after she started a fire on her former boyfriend’s laundry in 2014.

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