Father of Dylan Redwine arrested for his son’s death

The dad of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, a Colorado Springs boy found dead in 2012, has been arrested nearly five years after his son’s remains were found.

La Plata County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on Saturday that Mark Redwine, father of Dylan, has been arrested and charged with child abuse and second-degree murder. He’s being held on a $1 million bond. Authorities arrested Redwine in Bellingham, Washington. He’s scheduled for extradition back to Colorado.

Dylan disappeared after he went to his father’s Durango, Colorado, home in November 2012 for a scheduled visitation. Dylan’s mother, Elaine Hall, who appeared twice on Dr. Phil show, pleading for help, said that Dylan did not want to see his father, but he had no choice due to a court order. Dylan sent his mother a text message on November 18, after he arrived to Redwine’s home. He also sent a friend a text that evening. It was the last time anyone heard from him.

Dyl,My mind knows the truth. That I will never again witness your beautiful smile in person. Or hear you giggle. …

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For months, volunteer search teams and authorities scoured the area looking for Dylan, which proved difficult because Durango is at an elevation of 6,512 feet with steep canyons and mountains.

In June 2013, searchers found a few of Dylan’s bones, a part of his shirt, a sock, and his shoestring, in Vallecito, around five miles away from Durango. Searchers found his remains in an area extremely difficult to get to, especially for a young boy and for someone who doesn’t know the area well.

Redwine claimed he went to work and to run errands on the morning of November 19, and left his son sleeping on the couch. He said when he returned, the boy was gone. He figured his son went fishing, but when Dylan didn’t return within a few hours, Redwine claimed he became worried.

“The TV was on. There was a bowl and box of cereal out. After a couple of hours, I got concerned.”

Redwine said that he didn’t argue with Dylan and that his son seemed in good spirits the last time he saw him. A grand jury indictment against Redwine, however, provides a different version of what happened.

“Mark Redwine and Dylan Redwine had argued and fought on their previous visit, they had not been getting along leading up to the court ordered visit, and several witnesses stated that Dylan Redwine did not want to visit Mark Redwine. Text messages indicated Dylan Redwine had asked to stay with a friend rather than his father the same night of his arrival, a request that was denied by Mark Redwine.”

According to the indictment, cadaver dogs picked up Dylan’s blood on Redwine’s living floor and furniture. Further, an expert wildlife official told authorities that there’s no way a wild animal would have taken a body so far up a terrain that’s difficult climb.

In November 2015, authorities found Dylan’s skull a little over a mile from the site where his bones were found in 2013. According to an anthropologist, the boy’s skull had marks on it consistent with knife stab wounds and blunt force trauma.

The La Plata County Sheriff and Sixth Judicial District DA scheduled a press conference at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, pending Redwine’s extradition back to Colorado.

[Feature Photo: Police Handout/Facebook]