Police: Drunk man kills girlfriend’s dog because it would ‘always take her side’

A Florida man who believed that his girlfriend’s dog would “always take her side” in arguments stabbed the pup to death this week.

Mike Lado, 26, faces a felony animal cruelty charge over the incident, which occurred following a domestic spat and a drawn-out drinking binge, WFTX reports.

According to police, Lado had been out drinking for several hours in the Fort Myers area when he returned home early Wednesday morning and started arguing with his live-in girlfriend.  The dog, a boxer-Labrador mix named Blue, was sitting next to Lado’s girlfriend while she and Lado were fighting.

About five minutes after the exchange, Blue was able to slip out of his collar and then followed Lado into a kitchen, where the man is alleged to have twice stabbed the dog with a large butcher knife, authorities say.

The girlfriend told police that while the nearly 2-year-old dog had initially started growling and barking at Lado, Blue eventually calmed down and was not acting aggressively when he was stabbed, according to WBBH.

Lado later told police that he stabbed the dog because it “would always take her side” during arguments, WFTX reports.

Police found a pool of blood in the kitchen and blood on doors at the end of a hallway, which suggested that Blue might have been trying to get through the doors in an attempt to escape Lado.

Blue later bled out and fell against the doors, where he died.

Animal control officers had previously been called multiple times to deal with issues involving Lado and the dog, authorities said.

Lado was taken into custody on Wednesday and was being held in the Lee County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

[Feature Photo: Lee County Sheriff’s Office]