‘Act like a grown up!’: Judge denies plea deal after drunk woman who caused man to lose legs shows up late to court

A Florida drunk driver who ran over a beloved high school principal, rendering him a double amputee, lost a plea deal this week because she arrived late to court.

Marilyn Aguilera, 52, had planned to plead guilty and serve four years in prison after running over 44-year-old Javier Perez last year, the Daily Mail reports.

Aguilera was driving drunk at the time of the incident and pinned Perez under her car. His injuries required the removal of both of his legs and he is now in a wheelchair.

On Friday, Aguilera arrived hours late to court, broke down crying and asked if she would be able to leave prison early.

That prompted Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Diane Ward to axe the plea deal, telling Aguilera she should “act like a grown up.”

Under the deal, Aguilera was slated to plead guilty to three counts of driving under the influence and serve a four-year prison term. She also would have been subject to one year of house arrest after her release from prison and two years of probation, WPLG reports.

Now that Aguilera is headed to trial, she could face up to seven years behind bars. A trial date is scheduled for December.

Aguilera had told the judge during Friday’s hearing that she was concerned about her mother, who she noted is in a wheelchair.

The judge remarked in response, “Well, it seems like there’s many people that are now wheelchair-bound.”

In April 2016, Aguilera drove her sports utility vehicle through a baseball field and rammed into Perez while he was coaching his son’s little-league baseball game.

When authorities arrived on the scene, Aguilera failed a field sobriety test and officers found an open can of beer next to her in the car. Subsequent tests showed her blood alcohol content was three times over the legal driving limit of 0.08.

Perez has had 20 surgeries and more than 100 blood transfusions since being run over, but he hopes to walk on prosthetic limbs one day.

A GoFundMe page to help pay for Perez’s recovery has raised more than $194,000.

[Feature Photo: Miami-Dade PD/GoFundMe]