Female hunter, social media star who faced online threats found dead of suicide at 27

A well-known hunter and blogger who faced online criticism for her lifestyle has been found dead of an apparent suicide.

The Daily Mail reports that Melania Capitan, originally from Catalonia, Spain, was found dead in her apartment in Huesca. She reportedly left a suicide note to friends.

The news was first reported by Spanish hunting magazine Jara y Sedal.

Capitan had thousands of social media followers, and frequently posted photos and videos of her hunting expeditions, during which she was often accompanied by what appear to be her own dogs. She did not post exclusively about hunting, however, and often posted photos of non-hunting recreation, her dogs at home, and celebrations with friends.

In the week leading up to her apparent suicide, Capitan posted multiple smiling photos from what appeared to be a wedding celebration.

Empieza un gran día !!!! ???

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Mi niña como siempre sabiendo cuál es mi lugar jejeje Mesa Corzo !!!!

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The 27-year-old would sometimes post trophy photos of her kills, mainly dead deer. Her promotion of recreational hunting reportedly drew frequent criticism and threats from animal rights activists. RT reports that a friend of Capitan’s told El Mundo that the young woman’s death was a result of  “personal problems, not for the insults she received in social networks.”

The El Mundo report also says Capitan shot herself with a rifle.

The contents of the reported suicide note are not yet known.

Even in death, Capitan continues to face criticism on social media.

Feature photo: Instagram screenshot