‘I just lost it’: Man stabs date over 100 times when he finds out she’s transsexual

A former Navy Seal was sentenced to 40 years on Thursday in a Mississippi courtroom for stabbing his date over 100 times in 2016, when he found out she was transsexual.

New York Post reports that Dwanya Hickerson, 21, pleaded guilty to murdering Dee Whigham at a Best Western hotel in St. Martin, Mississippi, and robbing her after she died. The incident occurred on July 23, 2016.

According to Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy Leo Allen, a hotel surveillance camera captured the pair walking into the hotel, but 20 minutes later, only Hickerson walked out, with his shirt around his neck. He apparently took a shower before leaving the room and left the water running. Whigham’s friends later found her in the hotel room, bloodied and stabbed to death. They called 911 immediately.

Whighams’s friends told authorities that they didn’t know Hickerson. Hickerson later admitted he met Whigham while chatting online, and they ultimately decided to meet in person for “casual sex.”

A few days after the victim’s body was found, authorities arrested Hickerson on Keesler Air Force Base in Harrison County, Mississippi. Detectives watched footage from a barracks surveillance camera that caught Hickerson throwing away a large bag in a trash can. Authorities found a bloody shirt inside the bag as well as a 10-inch blade on the beach, close to the area where friends said they dropped Hickerson off during the night in question .

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WLOX reports that an autopsy revealed that the victim had been stabbed 119 times. Hickerson reportedly said, “I just lost it” when questioned about the murder. He claimed he had no idea that Whigham was transexual until the night he met her.

Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence recommended that Hickerson serve 40 years for the murder conviction and another 16 years for the robbery conviction. Whigham’s mother, Vickie Blackney Whigham, thinks that the recommended sentence is a “slap in the face.”

“I think the plea is a slap in the face. He gets a chance to see his family and I don’t have that chance with my child.”

Hickerson later expressed regrets for his actions and said if he could take what he did back, he would.

“I’d like to apologize to the victim’s family. If I could take it back I would.”

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