Is the wrong man charged with killing Tara Grinstead? Family’s detective talks to Nancy Grace

The case against Ryan Duke for the 2004 murder of Ocilla, Georgia, teacher Tara Grinstead is built largely on what his roommate Bo Dukes told investigators. Bo Dukes, no relation to Duke, was charged with concealing a death, tampering with evidence, and hindering apprehension of a criminal after he told detectives he helped his roommate burn the former beauty queen’s body in a remote pecan orchard.

Dr. Maurice Godwin, the private investigator hired by Tara’s family, now believes it could have been Bo Dukes who did the killing and that he was not just helping his friend hide the crime.

There are also questions about if the statute of limitations on the charges against Dukes expired years ago because local deputies had checked out a tip received just weeks after Grinstead disappeared that her body was at the pecan orchard, Godwin said. The clock would start ticking on the time limit to make the case as soon as law enforcement first had suspicions about Dukes, he said.

Dr. Godwin talks about the latest in the Grinstead case in this “Crime Stories” episode.

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