VIDEO: One-armed, machete-wielding clown drunkenly terrorizes rural Maine town

Officers in Waterboro, Maine, arrested a man they say dressed in a clown mask and taped a machete to his amputated arm before taking to town and frightening residents.

Police were inundated with calls about the unidentified assailant at around 6 pm Tuesday. It wasn’t until an hour later that they witnessed Corey Berry, 31, emerge from the woods in the peculiar get up, according to WCSH.

Resident Karmen LePage told the Portland Press Herald that her daughter first saw Berry. Thinking it was a joke, she had her take a picture of the mystery man and was horrified by the photo she returned with.

“When I called the cops I said, ‘I have a gun, I want to let you know…if he comes back this way or through my woods, I’m going to use it,’” LePage said.

State Trooper Adam Schmidt alleged that Berry was extremely drunk when officers approached him. The Hollis man claimed he donned the clown mask and machete as a prank on a family friend who lives nearby. The 31-year-old also mentioned that he was playing off of previous clown sightings, according to the Associated Press.

“He put down the machete when we instructed him to do so,” Schmidt told the Herald. “I asked, ‘How old are the other man’s children?’ and he said, ‘Less than 7 years old.'”

One of Berry’s neighbors told the paper that the man has one young child and had recently endured a rough break-up.

Officers ultimately arrested Berry and charged him with criminal threatening. He was released from York County Jail after posting $200 bail.

[Featured Image: Maine State Police]