The nerve! O.J. Simpson’s defense lawyer claims family of murder victim Goldman threatened him

O.J. Simpson’s lawyer has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Goldman family, accusing them of placing “unsolicited” phone calls and threatening him and his client, according to Daily Mail.

Last week, Simpson’s Las Vegas attorney Malcolm LaVergne told Judge Jeanine Pirro on her Fox News show that his client was moved to a “more protected” cell because of Fred Goldman, the father of slain Ron Goldman.

LaVergne alleged that, after the parole hearing, Fred said he hoped that someone knocked the former NFL player over the head.

“I mean, I have to be frank. Fred Goldman is my primary concern and that was actually something that was mentioned at the time this decision was made,” the attorney said.

After his television appearance, a representative for the Goldman family allegedly reached out to LaVergne and requested that he stop making inflammatory statements. The Las Vegas-based attorney reportedly responded in the form of a cease-and-desist letter.

In an exclusive email obtained by Daily Mail, LaVergne informed Garson & Wright PR that any additional calls from the Goldman family or their representatives will be “considered harassment.”

“You are free to send legitimate emails if Doreen [Hartwell, Esq.] is copied, but I am hard pressed to think of anything we have to discuss,” he wrote. “I do not presume to tell you how to represent the Goldmans’ best interests, but you will certainly will not dictate to me how to represent Mr. Simpson’s best interests.”

LaVergne tweeted after receiving the so-called threatening phone calls and wrote “Very classy for @KimEGoldman et al. to have someone call my office and threaten to ruin my reputation and career because I did an interview.”

In a statement, Garson & Wright PR emphatically denied threatening LaVergne.

“It is a sad commentary when a victim of a crime is re-victimized, particularly by a professional who should have integrity and better judgment,” they said. “I cannot imagine why Simpson’s attorney purported such outrageous comments against Fred Goldman, but LaVergne sank to a new low in publicly lashing out against someone who has already suffered so greatly.”

[Featured Image: Las Vegas Police Department]