BOLO: Fugitive gunman allegedly shoots and kills woman, terrorizes senior center; on the loose in Minnesota

Minnesota police are searching for a man who allegedly murdered a woman in cold blood and terrorized a Mendota Heights senior center, gun drawn, as reported by Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

Authorities say Lucifer Nguyen, 44, crashed his car into a swamp after successfully pulling off an armed robbery. They were already searching for him when he ran into the White Pine Senior Living Center with his gun drawn. Residents and staff were evacuated, but Nguyen managed to evade capture.

Nguyen’s next stop was the nearby Mendota Heights Business Center, police have noted. At approximately 2 p.m. on Saturday, the body of 47-year-old Beverly Cory was found on the premises, having been fatally shot, presumably by the fleeing fugitive.

Mendota Heights Police Chief Kelly McCarthy is urging nearby residents to stay indoors as the manhunt continues, according to NY Daily News.

“We are asking people in the area to stay inside, lock their doors and call 911 if they see anything suspicious,” he said.

He also praised the staff and patients at the senior home, who managed to remain unharmed.

“The staff at White Pines did a great job,” he told FOX 9. “It was very difficult and we’re glad they’re safe.”

Mendota Heights police shared their grief regarding the murder of Beverly Cory in an official Facebook post.

“On a personal note, we didn’t know the victim but we did speak with her family and friends. If she was half as amazing, caring, and resilient as they are, the world lost an amazing soul.”

Nguyen, who changed his first name to Lucifer 20 years ago, weighs approximately 150 pounds and is of average height. He was last seen in a black t-shirt.

This is the first murder the community has suffered in over three years, when an officer was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop.

Anyone with information about Nguyen or his whereabouts can call the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office at 651-322-2323.

[Featured Image: Mendota Heights Police Department]