Would you vote for him? Boyfriend of O.J. Simpson’s daughter to run for office, pleads with public to not judge him based on his relationship

The boyfriend of O.J. Simpson’s youngest daughter, Sydney, is running for office in Florida and hopes that the connection with the former NFL star won’t play a factor in votes.

Robert Blackmon, 28, is one of the eight candidates vying for a spot on the District 6 St. Petersburg council seat. New York Post reports that although Blackmon hopes the name of his girlfriend’s father won’t sway people to turn away from him, he realizes that it will be “the will of the people.”

“If that’s the will of the people, that’s the will of the people… I hope to keep [the campaign] to the issues.”

Blackmon also opened up about 31-year-old Sydney Simpson, O.J.’s daughter, who was only a child when she was thrust into the spotlight after her mother’s murder and her father’s infamous murder trial. Blackmon referred to Sydney as a “very private person” who supports him fully.

“She’s been selflessly supporting me and not worried about herself.”

The council candidate admitted that it he wasn’t sure if talking about the Simpson family was the right thing to do without their permission, but he also said that he is being as open as possible about his relationship.

“I probably shouldn’t be speaking about the Simpsons without their permission.The entire Simpson family are great people. They’ve been great friends to me.”

A political science professor at the University of South Florida, Susan MacManus, told NY Post that Blackmon may not have anything to nothing to worry about.

“Just knowing someone, just being involved with someone [whose father is famous], I don’t know if that adds too much.”

The council runoff begins on Nov. 7, a month after O.J. Simpson will likely be released from prison. Earlier this month, Simpson made parole after serving nearly nine years for armed robbery and other related charges.

[Feature Photo: AP/Jeffrey Boan]